Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Les temps sont durs pour les rêveurs.

In my last post I mentioned how much I wanted it to rain on Monday so I could be extra cozy at school... well I'm glad it didn't. Monday ended up living up to the stereotype and sucked hard. I've been trying to be more positive in life (and mostly succeeding, honestly), but the anxiety attacks I've been having more frequently in my ballet class are making it hard; the feeling seems to continue through-out the day, no matter how hard I try to shake it. :\

Oh well though. Today was a first for me! I went and saw a movie by myself, woowooo!
I had plans to go see the movie Amélie with friends at an old, classical one room theater nearby, but they all fell through. At first I wasn't going to go by myself because it made me nervous, but it's one of my favorite movies so I decided why not?! The movie was only playing once today and I wouldn't have had another chance to see it in a theater. It was actually an exhilarating experience, and I will probably venture out to do it more. :)
I'd like to think that by now, most people have seen Amélie (it's been out since 2001!), but if you haven't you should look it up right now! Unless you understand French (consider me jealous) you'll have to watch it with subtitles, but that's okay. The movie shows Audrey Tautou's quirky character Amélie not only as she strives to help those around her, but also as she grows to understand herself and find love (in the ever attractive Mathieu Kassovitz~).

"Without you, today's emotions would be the scurf of yesterday's."

I mean, REALLY?! How darling is he?!?

This movie is right up there with Lost in Translation and Garden State on my list of movies that makes my heart ache in a sometimes-good-sometimes-longing kind of way.

Here's two more recent photographs to continue welcoming spring, though the 81 degrees today made it feel more like summer!

I guess anything is better than the cold though, right??

Monday, April 18, 2011

As the week is drawing to a close (technically it has already ended since it's 12:06am but shhh) and the new week begins, I've decided to make a list of things I'd ideally like to accomplish within this next week.

1. Work on being more positive. One can accomplish so many things when life is looked at with a more positive outlook.
2. Focus more on school work. The semester only has a month left and I really don't have a lot to show in my classes, except for ballet. I need to buckle down and complete all my past assignments and stay on point with my future ones.
3. Continue with my healthy/fitness regime. I suppose this is self-explanatory, but I've been paying attention to the things I put into my body and I like how it's affecting me (see number 1, really).
4. Make more time for myself. Whether it be to focus on my art or to meditate (something I've been looking into recently), I need to make more me time. :)
5. Don't settle. Stop. Being. Lazy.

Is it bad that I'm hoping for weather like this tomorrow? Not quite rainy, but overcast. It makes me feel cozy. Perfect sweater weather!

Plasticities by Andrew Bird
Appropriate for my anticipated dreary weather, I think.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I've decided the best way for me to approach this blog is to completely start over; I've deleted nearly everything (including a few posts I didn't mean to) so I can start fresh! Winter makes me feel so down, getting stuck inside because of the cold as well as gross weather, and I don't want to carry those emotions on into the new season. I've started pushing myself to do more as everything is coming to life around me, so expect more photo posts! Ideally, I'd like to plant a window-box style garden so that'll be coming soon. :)

Both taken outside a local produce shop near school.

I have a collection of photographs of houses I admire. My biggest goal in life is the perfect house with the perfect garden, so I save houses that I might like to model my own after one day.

This is my favorite hill. I seem to be obsessed with it lately and drive down it every chance I get.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

february mix.

01. "First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes
02. "This Is Why We Fight" by The Decemberists
03. "Your Rocky Spine" by Great Lake Swimmers
04. "Multiplayer" by The Voluntary Butler Scheme
05. "Company In My Back" by Wilco
06. "My Body" by Young the Giant
07. "Fix You" by Coldplay
08. "Home" by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
09. "Love In Vain" by The Big Pink
10. "Little Bit" by Lykke Li
11. "Bruises" by Chairlift
12. "No One's Gonna Love You" by Band of Horses
13. "1 2 3 4" by Feist

It took forever for me to get it up, but here's my February mix. It's only proper that it's a bunch of love songs, but, you know. ;) Album cover is my own photo, and I've gotta say, candy hearts really have to be one of the lowest candies on the candy totem pole. Not only do I feel like I'm eating sugary cardboard, but immediately after eating one, it feels like I need to brush my teeth.

ANYWAY, back on track. You can listen to the mix at the bottom of this post (or HERE) and if you feel so inclined, download it HERE! (I must advise you to delete the mix after listening to it though. ;9)

As I probably won't be posting tomorrow, I hope everyone has a fantastic Valentine's Day, whether they're sharing it with someone special or just enjoying it as a day to really love themselves. ♥

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday mini-inspiration post, to beat the horrible ho-hum bored feeling I'm trying to push to the back of my mind, because I'm snowed in. :(

(new york winter by leslie k)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Now I suppose I'll start working on my homework for class. The teacher only expects us to have a portion of it done by Monday, but with 4 days till that, I think I can do more. You know, gonna be the high-achiever in class this semester.

In reality, it probably won't last. And bugger, I just remembered I have a bunch of supplies I need before Monday for my print-making class. :( So much for high-achiever. Boo.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

some recent photographs!

1. breakfast for my lunch break from school
2. the trees infront of our apartment during the last snow storm
3. one of my dream catchers
4. skin
5. the view I pass every day on the way to school
6. my main (little) man, George
7. part of an outfit I wore recently

(I apologize for the obtrusiveness of the watermarks, but it irks me to no end to see my photographs reblogged on tumblr and weheartit (and other such sites) with no mention of me. While I appreciate that people like my pictures, I'd appreciate it more if they respected the artist who created them. :] In future posts, I'll do my best to make them less noticeable!!)

Beirut - Rhineland (Heartland)
(perfect for this snowy weather!)