Friday, April 15, 2011

I've decided the best way for me to approach this blog is to completely start over; I've deleted nearly everything (including a few posts I didn't mean to) so I can start fresh! Winter makes me feel so down, getting stuck inside because of the cold as well as gross weather, and I don't want to carry those emotions on into the new season. I've started pushing myself to do more as everything is coming to life around me, so expect more photo posts! Ideally, I'd like to plant a window-box style garden so that'll be coming soon. :)

Both taken outside a local produce shop near school.

I have a collection of photographs of houses I admire. My biggest goal in life is the perfect house with the perfect garden, so I save houses that I might like to model my own after one day.

This is my favorite hill. I seem to be obsessed with it lately and drive down it every chance I get.

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